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Shri.Vaidyanath Mandir Parali

Category Religious

The History of Parli Vaijnath Temple says that Rani Ahilyabhai renovated the Parli Vaijnath Temple in the 1700s. Two very…

Hazrat Shahenshahwali Mazar

Hazarat ShahenshahWali Dargah

Category Religious

Hazarat ShahenshahWali Dargah Hazarat ShahenshahWali was a Sufi of the 14th century from Chishtiya clan. He came to Beed during the rule…

Shri.Mukund Maharaj Ambajogai

First Poet Shri.Mukundraj, Ambajogai

Category Religious

Mukundraj maharaj was one of the earliest marathi literary poet. There is a Samadhi (Monument) of Mukundraj Maharaj at Ambajogai,…

Yogeshwari Mata Mandir-

Yogeshwari Mata Mandir, Ambajogai

Category Religious

Shri Yogeshwari is a Bhushan of Ambanagari. In the first place, untouchables have embraced literary and culturally respectable Maharashtrian minds….