Yogeshwari Mata Mandir, Ambajogai

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Shri Yogeshwari is a Bhushan of Ambanagari. In the first place, untouchables have embraced literary and culturally respectable Maharashtrian minds. Two of them are remarkable about the poet’s composition Shri Mukundraj and the mausoleum of Navkot Narayan Sant poet Dasopant of Marathi literature. The importance of Ambanagari has increased due to this reason, and in ancient times, this city was sitting in other cities like Bushan ghost (Nagar Bhushan Bhav). Because Yogeshwari had Shaktipeeth, she had attained the form of holy pilgrimage and it is still today.


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  • Shri Yogeshwari Mata Mandir
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How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Airport is Aurangabad which is 230 km away.

By Train

Nearest Railway Stations is Parli.

By Road

Regular State Transport Buses are available from any Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation Bus Stand.