DILRMP Program


SL NO Govt. Decision / circular / letter subject Date Download
1 Computerization of Village Model of revenue department 19.03.1999 Downlaod [PDF, 120 KB]
2 Review of the action taken for implementation of e-Chawdi and e-Correction program 04.07.2013
3 Unicode conversion, verification and validation of computerized 7/12 data for implementation of e-Chawdi and e-Correction program. 15.03.2013 Download [PDF, 5 MB]
4 The new revenue village was created by partitioning the Wadi 27.03.2017 Download [PDF, 2 MB]
5 Chawdi Reading Program – Circulars 05.05.2017 Download [PDF, 2 MB]
6 Finalizing the implementation of the program 03.07.2017 Download [PDF, 593 KB]
7 Regarding declaration of work in the re-edit module. Regarding submission of final certificate. 10.07.2017 Download [PDF, 696 KB]
8 Declaration by Re-Edit module – 2 nb tehsildar and declaration-3 tehsildar 06.09.2017 Download [PDF, 765 KB]
9 Closing of 7/12 (double) method in city land tenure. 19.07.2017 Download[PDF, 2 MB]
10 Regarding completion of post-repair work. Regarding submission of final certificate for completion of the work in the re-edit module. 29.07.2017 Download [PDF,  131 KB]
11 Regarding the corrective village sampling no. 7/12 and 8-A for declaration- 07.10.2017 Download [PDF, 245 KB]
12 Regarding the work done by the re-edit module (with inspection list). 16.10.2017 Download [PDF, 589 KB]
13 Regarding the action to be taken when the server is Down 31.10.2017 Download [PDF, 339 KB]
14 About to include software in the application 15.11.2017 Download [PDF, 152 KB]
15 Regarding the report of the appropriate unit and area of ​​non-standard software in the field. 23.02.2018 Download [PDF, 272 KB]
16 Regarding the proceedings to be done in the repair of land records according to approved actuaries. 26.02.2018 Download [PDF, 191 KB]
17 Guidelines for making digital signature accessible to people of masses under e-Mahabhoomi project. 12.03.2018 Download [PDF, 512 KB]
18 The new revenue village was created by partitioning the Wadi 12.03.2018 Download [PDF, 2 MB]
19 Revenue Officer 1 to 100 group name / Survey number checkpoint for checking 7/12 Download [PDF, 21 KB]